Childcare on Wheels Management Committee Minutes and Agenda

The objective of the Childcare on Wheels Committee is to facilitate the Mobile Childcare Program to Robe and the surrounding districts.


October 15 2018
.pdf CCOWS Agenda 15 October 2018 Agendas
.pdf CCOWS Minutes 15 October 2018 Minutes
September 10 2018
.pdf CCOWS Agenda 10 September 2018 Agendas
.pdf CCOWS Minutes 10 September 2018 Minutes
June 25 2018
.pdf CCOWS Agenda 25 June 2018 Agendas
.pdf CCOWS Minutes 25 June 2018 Minutes
May 28 2018
.pdf CCOWS Agenda 28 May 2018 Agendas
.pdf CCOWS Minutes May 2018 Minutes
February 28 2018
.pdf CCOWS Agenda 28 February 2018 Agendas
.pdf CCOWS Minutes 28 February 2018 Minutes
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The District Council of Robe is located in one of the most diverse and exciting areas within the state of South Australia. Situated along SA's magnificent Limestone Coast, this historic seaside port has an abundance of attractions on offer.

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