Council Assessment Panel

CAP (Council Assessment Panel) is established in accordance with the Terms and Reference and pursuant to section 56A (1) of the Development Act 1993 for the purposes of acting as the "relevant authority" under Part 4 of the Act.

The main object of the Panel is to effectively and efficiently assess and determine as the delegate of the council applications for Development Approval where Council is the "Relevant Authority" in under the Act, as amended.

The Development Act 1993 requires all Councils in South Australia to establish a Council Assessment Panel (CAP) to act a a delegate of Council in accordance with the Act; to provide advice and reports to Council, as it thinks fit, in regard to trends, issues and other matters relating to planning and development; and, to perform other functions assigned to the panel by the Council.

The role of CAP is primarily to determin whether or not to grant Development Plan Consent under the Development Act 1993, and on the basis of Council's Development Plan applying at the time an application is lodged. In addition to its statutory requirements, CAP is able to provide advice to Council in regard to development trends and issues, Development Plan issues, assessment timelines and other matters that have become apparent through its assessment of applications.

Council cannot influence or overturn any decision made by the Council  Assessment Panel. It should be noted that all CAP Members are to fulfil their duties in accordance with the CAP Members Code of Conduct as implemented by the Development Act 1993.

The Development Act 1993, has determined that all CAP's must be comprised of one independent presiding member, three independent members and one elected members. All members of the CAP have been appointed by Council. Currently, the CAP Members are:

Mr John Petch (Presiding Member)
Mr David Chapman
Ms Margaret Trotter
Mr Tim Rogers
Mayor Peter Riseley

The Council Assessment Panel holds its meetings on every third Tuesday of the month at the District Council of Robe Chambers Smillie Street, Robe, commencing at 4.00 pm (unless otherwise stated).

 The agenda closes on the Friday 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

What is CAP?

Council Assessment Panel Agendas and Minutes

The creation of CAP is to ensure that Council makes development decisions as a relevant planning authority pursuant to the Development Act 1993, having sole regard to the Council's authorised Development Plan and any referral advice to determine the merits of the proposal. The Local Government Act 1999, does not apply to the CAP. The Planning SA website contains further information regarding CAP's. Please be advised that CAP Members are unable to discuss issues surrounding an application outside of the designated CAP meeting times, unless formally organised through Council.

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Expressions of Interest for Council Assessment Panel Members

The District Council of Robe is seeking Expressions of Interest from the public to appoint four (4) suitability qualified and/or experienced professionals to the Council Assessment Panel (“the CAP”), including the position of Presiding Member, for a two (2) year term or upon the establishment of a regional assessment panel, whichever is the earlier. The term will commence in December 2018, subject to the requirements of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

The CAP comprises of five (5) members; one (1) elected member of the Council and four (4) members who are not elected members of the Council. 

The CAP makes decisions on development applications under the Development Act 1993 and provides advice to the Council on development assessment trends and policy issues.

To be successful in seeking appointment to the CAP, you will need to demonstrate a keen interest in urban planning and a reasonable knowledge of the Development Act 1993, the Development Regulations 2008, the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017. Applicants are expected to have expertise in urban planning, architecture, landscaping, building and/or construction, surveying, engineering, environmental planning or similar. Applicants are also expected to express their intention to obtain and retain registration as an Accredited Professional under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 when the Accreditation Scheme commences.  More details of the proposed Accreditation Scheme may be found on the SA Planning Portal website,

CAP members selected by the Council will receive remuneration as determined by the Council.

Please forward your expression of interest to PO Box 1, Robe SA 5276 or email by 5pm, Friday 2 November 2018.



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