Elected Members

Elected members are elected to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers, provide community leadership and guidance and facilitate communication between the community and Council.

The Council consists of a Mayor and six Councillors representing the District as a whole.

Excerpts from Council Members' Registers of Interest

Excerpts from Elected Members Register of Interest

Elected Members


Mayor Alison Nunan
M 0427 357 243

 Mayor Peter Riseley

Cr Peter Riseley
Deputy Mayor
M 0400 614 267
E crriseley@robe.sa.gov.au


Cr Rino Dell'Antonio
M 0407 454 647


Cr Bob Bates
M 0499 909 003


Cr David Laurie
M 0427 365 045


Cr Michael Boyd
M 0429 388 707


Cr Ned Wright
M 0413 750 804


Further Information

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of Elected Members, visit the Local Government Association's website at http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/


Robe SA Map

The District Council of Robe is located in one of the most diverse and exciting areas within the state of South Australia. Situated along SA's magnificent Limestone Coast, this historic seaside port has an abundance of attractions on offer.

Contact Council

Royal Circus, Robe SA 5276

Phone: 08 8768 2003

Email: council@robe.sa.gov.au