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Discover Robe

South Australia's Limestone Coast, is claimed to be the one of the happiest places in the country, according to the annual Australian Unity Wellbeing Index. According to local 'Robe-ites', it is the happiest!

The population in Robetown, as it was previously known, averages 1500 during winter, with an influx of approximately 15,000 people every summer. Known as a hidden jewel for fishing, boating and surfing, Robe is a popular 'holiday hangout' for young people. Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period the town usually errupts into celebratation. In particular, New Years Eve sends the town into a buzz with shack parties and live bands at the local hotels. Commonly, New Years Day is spent lazing on Long Beach in the sunshine with the odd game of beach cricket for entertainment.

Industry within the district comprises of tourism, cray fishing, agriculture, viticulture and forestry. As mentioned, tourism is peak during the warm summer months, however it is an all year round business for locals with holiday rentals and hospitality premises. Cray fishing runs from October to May, due to government quotas. Local agriculture consists mainly of cattle, sheep, and cropping. Viticulture, although a reasonably new concept within the district, is excelling at a rapid pace with many award-winning wines being produced. Forestry is a key industry for employment; Forestry SA own and maintain the Mount Benson and Bagdad Native Forests which fall within the Robe District.

Robe is one of South Australia's oldest towns, founded by the colonial government as a seaport, administrative centre and villiage only ten years after British settlers formally established the Province of South Australia. It's rich history is a focal point of the area and there is information a plenty to be absorbed at the Visitor Information Centre.

Whether you spend one night or one month in Robe you are sure to be hypnotised by the rolling waves and brilliant sunshine, which combine to create a magical view over enchanting Guichen Bay... Come and stay awhile, discover Robe and soak up the relaxing atmosphere.