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Message from the Mayor


Peter Riseley is the son of dairy farmers and grew up in Gippsland and attended both Warragul Technical School and Warragul high School. At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Australian Navy and served during the Vietnam War. He has been a Robe resident for 37 years and is married to Met.


Peter was engaged in the fishing industry for 33 years and in the tourism accommodation for 19 years. During that period he served three terms on the Management Advisory committee for the Gill net hook and trap fishery of the Fisheries Management Authority. With fourteen years on the fisheries research assessment group and 2 terms on the shark industry research liaison committee.

Locally during this period he participated with the Robe Tree Society and Tidy towns and as Chairperson for the Save The Obelisk Society.


Most memorable career highlights were being invited to be a presenter at the World Wide launch of the Report into the Status of sharks Rays and Chimera's by Traffic Oceania and the World Wildlife Fund. He was also invited to be the only industry presenter at the North Atlantic Fisheries Association scientific congress in Spain.


After retiring from fishing, he became a rural ward councillor for Robe in 2006.

During that time he has served on numerous committees including Marina, Marine Parks, Development Panel, Childcare, Playground, Royal Circus and Waste Management. He has personally supported council's involvement with sponsorship of the Southern Ocean Art Prize and the Acquisitive Sculpture event.


Peter was elected Mayor at the Council Elections held in November 2010 with an overwhelming majority with one of the State's highest voter turnouts. Peter has also worked on the hazards assessment group, which is working on the alternative access road for Robe.


Peter believes there is a strong need to preserve and retain our built heritage and also look after the magnificent natural attributes Robe has to offer. They are both integral to the growth and prosperity for the future wether it be Tourism, Fishery or Agriculture.


Peter has a deep love and respect for Robe and its Community.