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Nora Creina


How Nora Creina Bay got its name... 

There has been much controversy over the derivation of this name, but the weight of evidence suggests it was named after the brig "Nora Creina" which was wrecked near Robe on 15 January 1859. (extract taken from "The Romance of Place Names in South Australia" and The Advertiser 31 May 1955)

Nora Creina Bay recalls the wreck of the brigantine Nora Creina, 172 tonnes in December 1858. She belonged to Sutherland and Bayley, of Melbourne, and was commanded by Captain Lowe. The vessel struck an unchartered rock, and sank thirty-five minutes later. All hands were rowed safely to Robe.

There was an impression in some circles that Nora Creina Bay came by its name from the circumstance that Charles Burney Young, who married Noar Creina Bacon, youngest daughter of Lady Charlotte Bacon, did a lot of surveying in the neighbourhood for the South Australian Company. The fact is only an interesting coincidence. (extract from "What's in a Name?")