Public Consultation - Permit to Use Public Road

Council has considered requests from the following land owners, adjacent to unmade road reserves to have exclusive use of the unmade road reserves for a permit period of five years.

  • Jason Lance Sutherland for the section of an unmade road reserve between Lot 207 Hundred of Bray (A2295) and Section 206 Hundred of Bray (A2294).
  • Hilton Rural Trading for the section of an unmade road reserve between Sections 98 & 195 Hundred of Bray (A167), Section 222 Hundred of Bray (A1861), Section 103 Hundred of Bray (A2807) and Lot 1 Hundred of Bray (A2806).

Council is seeking public comment on the permits to use public roads.

Jason Lance Sutherland Permit Application

Hilton Rural Trading Permit Application

Copies of the sections of unmade road reserves are available for public inspection during ordinary office hours at the Council’s main office located at Royal Circus, Robe. 

Members of the public are invited to provide written comment to the Council in respect of the permits. All written comments must be provided to the Council before close of business on Thursday 3 October 2019.

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