Public Consultation: Proposed Changes to Community Land Management Plan for Robe’s Oval and Sports Complex

In accordance with Council’s Public Consultation Policy, Council is seeking community involvement, input and advice on proposed changes to the Community Land Management Plan for Robe Oval and Sports Complex situated at 18-20 O’Halloran Street, Robe. In principle the change is to accommodate the grant of a lease to Optus for a telecommunication tower on portion of the Sports Complex land.

In February 2019 Optus put in a development application to construct a telecommunication tower behind the Robe Auto & Marine Service Station on Main Road. There was significant community concern in relation to the proposal. Particularly, as it would be set in the main area of town where it would be seen as visitors and residents approach town and from the main street when in town. The development application was rejected but, Optus have appealed the decision to the Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court. This appeal is on hold while we work with Optus to get a better outcome for the community

In recognising the community’s concerns, Council, following engagement with the Robe Football Club, is seeking to establish a lease on the Sports Complex land for the telecommunication tower. This would change the Optus site from behind the Service Station in the main area of town to the Robe Oval and Sports Complex. It would also allow the relocation of the existing light tower to cover darker sections of the oval.

It is Council’s opinion that the placement of the telecommunications tower at the Robe Oval and Sports Complex would be a better location and outcome for the community. This opinion has been supported by the Robe Sports and Recreation Association who has resolved to remove an existing encumbrance on the land as the first step to allow the lease to occur. The encumbrance limited the use of the land to “sporting or recreational activities and any associated activity including the use of any premises as a club licensed or otherwise.”

Optus is seeking a 20 year lease for the telecommunications tower. Council has drafted a new Community Land Management Plan for the Robe Oval and Sports Complex that accommodates the proposed lease for a telecommunication tower, as well as providing for the ongoing use and management of the land for community sports and recreation purposes.


Council now seeks community involvement, input and advice on:

  1. The adoption of the draft Community Land Management Plan; and
  2. The grant of a 20 year lease for a telecommunication tower to Optus over portion of the land at the Robe Oval and Sports Complex


The draft Community Land Management Plan and a plan showing the proposed lease area and telecommunication tower location are available on Council’s website and in hard copy from the Council office.


Please provide your responses to either:

  1.; or
  2. PO Box 1, Robe SA 5276

The consultation period will close at 5.00pm on 31 December 2019.

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