Justice of the Peace

The following people are members of the Robe District who volunteer their time as Justice of the Peace.
Mrs Laurain Bywaters 0438 872 518                
Mr Terrance Bywaters 0438 872 518
Mrs Sharon Hondow 0409 682 389
Mr Deane Nankivell 08 8768 1808
Mr William Quinlan-Watson 08 8768 2190
Miss Joanne Thiele 08 8768 2737
Mr Donald Thorpe 08 8768 2822
Mrs Janice Woodward 08 8768 2401
Mrs Janette Mort 0408 854 527
Mr Scott Robertson 0498 000 020
Mr Michael Boyd 0429 388 707
Mr Roger Sweetman 0429 799 526
Mr Nick Brown 0419 464 164

All information relating to Justice of the Peace Services can be found on the South Australian Attorney Generals Departments website http://www.agd.sa.gov.au/


We have all had problems trying to find a JP when we need one.

Whether it is to get documents witnessed, copies of documents certified or to have a Statutory Declaration witnessed, they never seem to be around when you need them, or they are too busy (they do have a life too!) to be able to fit you in.

A Justice of the Peace service is again available during the hours of 1pm to 3pm each Thursday on a regular weekly basis each week.

If any other JP’s are available to assist in the provision of this vital community service, or to even expand the hours and/or days of availability, they can contact Michael Boyd JP on 0429 388 707.

Alternatively, if you are seeking the services of a JP outside of these hours, a list of appointed JP’s for the Robe area can be found at https://www.agd.sa.gov.au/services-and-support/justice-peace/find-justice-peace

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The District Council of Robe is located in one of the most diverse and exciting areas within the state of South Australia. Situated along SA's magnificent Limestone Coast, this historic seaside port has an abundance of attractions on offer.

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