Message from the Mayor 9 April 2020

9th April 2020

Many people in our community have indicated they are worried about the possible increase in numbers over Easter. This is completely understandable but I ask that you be mindful of the following:
1. Some people with interstate number plates are here for essential work or travel. They may be caring for relatives in the community or based in Robe while they work locally. That is fine.
2. Some people with interstate number plates may be permanent travellers who have found themselves stranded here due to travel bans. That’s also fine.... they are doing the right thing by not travelling around the country.
3. The Governments take on holiday houses has been confusing at best and has changed in the last week from it’s ok, to it’s sort of ok, to maybe not, to no one should be travelling from their principal place of residence, so lots of people may be understandably confused as to whether they can come to their house or not.
4. Other people just think the rules don’t apply to them and from speaking to many Mayors across the state in tourism areas, it seems there are plenty in this category!
Regardless, let’s not put everyone together in category 4 when we see them in the town over Easter.
We still have no positive cases in our Council area so we are clearly doing plenty right.

I hope everyone gets to spend quality time with their families and our tourism businesses get to have their first Easter off EVER.

For our younger community members, please note that Easter Bunny is an essential traveller and will be able to move across the country without restriction and bunnies DEFINTIELY DO NOT carry any viruses at all as I checked with Dr David Senior and he has given the Bunny the all clear.

Enjoy your Easter!!

- Mayor Alison Nunan