Council Committees

Section 41 Committees & Other Council Committees
Council Assessment Panel 
Mr John Petch (Presiding Member)
Mr Tim Rogers
Mr David Yates
Mr Ernst Jury
Cr Ned Wright

Terms of Reference  


Audit Committee

Deane Nankivell (Presiding Member)
Mayor Alison Nunan
Councillor Michael Boyd
Cr Ned Wright
Cr Bob Bates

Terms of Reference 


Strategic Planning and Development Policy 

Cr Peter Riseley (Presiding Member)
Mayor Alison Nunan
Cr Rino Dell'Antonio
Cr Bob Bates
Cr Ned Wright 
Cr David Laurie
Cr Michael Boyd


Advisory Groups 
Robe Marina Advisory Group 

Cr Peter Riseley (Chair)
Cr Ned Wright
Andrew Dowling (Community Representative)
Richard White (Community Representative)
Harvey Nolan (Community Representative Proxy)
Geoff Hunt (Professional Fishers Berth Holder Representative)
Deane Nankivell (Recreational Fishers Berth Holder Representative)
Rod Carmichael (Recreational Fishers Berth Holder Representative Proxy)

Terms of Reference 

Child Care Advisory Group

Mrs Anne Legoe, Chair
Mr Roger Sweetman, Chief Executive
Ms Robyn Paterson, Director of Child Care Services
Ms Wendy Higgins, Team Leader
Cr Ned Wright
One parent representative - Mrs Melissa Gibson
One staff member - Mrs Karla Dew, Administration 

Limestone Coast Local Government Association 

Mayor Alison Nunan 
Cr Peter Riseley                                                                                                                             

Kingston/Robe Health Advisory Group

Cr Rino Dell'Antonio (Robe Community Represenative)

Robe Sports & Recreation Association

Cr Rino Dell'Antonio

South East Coastal Management Group

Mayor Peter Riseley

LCLGA Roads and Transport Working Group

Mr Trevor Hondow (Works Operation Co-Ordinator)

LCLGA Waste Management Group

Mr Nick Brown (Deputy Chief Executive)