Temporary Road Closure - Great Victorian Bike Ride

A reminder that Robe is hosting the start of the Great Victorian Bike Ride in late November with almost 5,000 riders arriving here on Friday 22 November.

With so many visitors from all around Australia joining the event, the Great Vic is an amazing opportunity for the Robe community to showcase our beautiful coastal town.


To support this event, the following temporary road closures will be in place: 

1. O’Halloran Street from Davenport Street in the west through to Cooper Street in the east will be closed to traffic between 9.00am, Friday 22 November and 9.00am, Saturday 23 November 2019; and

2. Victoria Street between Robe Street and Davenport Street will be closed to traffic between 3.30pm and 9:30pm Friday 22 November 2019


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The District Council of Robe is located in one of the most diverse and exciting areas within the state of South Australia. Situated along SA's magnificent Limestone Coast, this historic seaside port has an abundance of attractions on offer.

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