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Building & Development

Changes to South Australia’s Planning System from State Government

As of July 31, 2020, the 2016 Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act will be the new legislation under which Development Applications are now assessed along with the subsequent Planning and Design Code. The Code will replace all development plans from every SA Council to become a single, State-Wide consistent source of planning policy for assessing development applications across the state.

Any applications or enquiries will be assessed under this new legislation which may have different zoning rules, requirements, planning considerations and planning pathways to the previous system. Any applications that are formally lodged prior to
31st July 2020  will still be assessed under the 1993 Development Act and 2008 Planning Regulations.

For further information on the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act, the Planning and Design Code or ePlanning Portal, visit

Lodging your Application through the EPlanning Portal

Along with new policies, the South Australian wide ePlanning portal will now be accessible to the public. This means that applications are no longer lodged with Council - the applicant will now have the capacity to apply online at any time.If you are having problems with online applications you are welcome to visit the District Council of Robe office, where staff are able to assist.

The new ePlanning platform will allow South Australians to:

  • search for their property to see what policy applies and what development is allowed
  • prepare, lodge and track a development application online
  • submit feedback to state-wide code amendment

The e-planning portal will also be South Australia’s planning hub for the community for planning information, mapping programs and checklists to help determine if a development even requires approval.

To lodge your application visit

EPlanning Guides

District Council of Robe Development Plan 2016 read more

Wastewater Works Applications

Your wastewater applications are required to be submitted to the District Council of Robe 

Each application must include two copies of a detailed sanitary plumbing and drainage layout (refer to Section 8 of the Code), a site and soil report (refer to Section 3.6.1 of the Code) and the appropriate fee as determined by the relevant authority. Applications where necessary, must include a detailed assessment of the land capability of the site via a soil report (i.e. the suitability of the site for treatment and disposal/reuse of domestic wastewater).

Wastewater Works Application

Application to install a new waste water system  Add $24.90 for each additional 2EP for systems over 10EP$499.00
Application to alter an existing waste water system$243.00
Application to install new waste water system to existing building$371.00
Additional Inspections$128.00