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Demolition of a building requires development approval. A development application will need to be lodeged, with the following information:

  • A site plan drawn to scale of not less than 1:500 showing:
    • Allotment boundaries, dimensions and position of any easements
    • Position and dimensions of buildings in relation to the boundaries of the site and any other features such as other buildings or trees on the site, or on adjoining land or public places that might be affected by the work proposed to be performed
    • A copy of the certificate of title
    • Dimensioned floor area of the building to be demolished; and
    • If only part of the building is to be demolished or removed, calculations or other information in writing to show that the remainder of the building will comply with the Development Act 1993, either as the building remains after the proposed demolition or removal takes places, or after the building works is performed;
    • A description in writing of the demolition procedure, including details of the measures to be taken to provide satisfactory levels of safety on or about the site
    • Details of the extent of the demolition work (eg. Whether demolition is just internal or external or both, whether there is removal of roof structure load bearing or non load bearing walls, floors, fences etc)
    • Where required (eg. Partial demolition only) elevations (drawn to scale) showing front and side views of the structure.



The above information is advisory only. It is intended to provide a guide and general understanding of the key point associated with the particular topic. It is not a substitute for reading the relevant legislation or the Development Plan.

It is recommended that if you are intending to undertaken development, you seek professional advice or contact the Council for any specific enquiries or for further assistance concerning the use and development of the land.