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Fences & Retaining Walls

Fences and retaining walls are used to separate properties and to retain difference in property levels. Where they are located on a property boundary, there is a shared nature to the structure.

If you are planning building works, fencing or a retaining wall on a shared boundary, it is important that any plans to undertake work are communicated with your neighbour. Council strongly encourages collaborative communication between neighbours even if it is not required by law, in order to avoid conflict and maintain positive community relationships.

Fences and the Law Handbook


The above information is advisory only. It is intended to provide a guide and general understanding of the key point associated with the particular topic. It is not a substitute for reading the relevant legislation.

It is recommended that if you are intending to undertaken development, you seek professional advice or contact the Council for any specific enquiries or for further assistance concerning the use and development of the land.