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Garages & Sheds

A Domestic outbuilding (garage or shed) is primarily detached from an existing habitable building already erected on the site.

  • A domestic garage or shed is an ancillary use to a dwelling on the same allotment and should be used only for domestic use such as storage of vehicles or household items by persons resident on the site, or the conduct of home activity (as defined in the Development Regulations 2008)
  • A garage or shed shall not be erected on a vacant allotment without Council approval unless it is erected in conjunction with the construction of a dwelling on the allotment
  • Should be setback 6m or no closer than the dwelling with which it is associated


A shed or garage required development approval when it has:

  • A floor area greater than 15 square metres;
  • A roof span greater than 3 metres;
  • A height greater than 2.5 metres above the natural surface of the ground;
  • Or when it is located closer to the street boundary than the existing dwelling on the property



  • Development Application Form – signed and dated
  • Description of the proposed building (eg. Vehicle garage, domestic storage etc)
  • Powerline Clearance Declaration Form
  • Development Application Fees (please contact Council for assistance)
  • Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) receipt (if development cost exceeds $40,000)
  • Certificate of Title (A copy of the Title can be obtained via for a fee)


Site Plan – Drawn to scale of not less than 1:200 including:-

  • North point
  • Boundary dimensions and site area
  • All existing buildings on site and their current use
  • Location of proposed new building and its proposed use
  • Location of existing septic/aerobic tank and effluent disposal area
  • Clear distances of proposed building from boundaries, other buildings and septic system
  • Landscape plans containing existing/proposed vegetation
  • Location of easements/encumbrances (if applicable)
  • Driveway access to property existing and proposed

Elevations (side views) – Scale 1:100

  • Ridge/roof peak level
  • Eaves level (top of walls)
  • Location of windows and doors
  • Colours and materials of external finishes (galvanised, colorbond etc)
  • Roof pitch

Structural Layout Plan – Scale 1:100

  • Building dimensions
  • Position of openings, doors and windows
  • Size and location of structural members (columns, rafters, purlins, girts, footings and carry beams)
  • Roof and wall bracing locations and size

Engineering Design Documents – available from manufacturer/supplier design for the location in the District Council of Robe area.



The above information is advisory only. It is intended to provide a guide and general understanding of the key point associated with the particular topic. It is not a substitute for reading the relevant legislation or the Development Plan.

It is recommended that if you are intending to undertaken development, you seek professional advice or contact the Council for any specific enquiries or for further assistance concerning the use and development of the land.