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Community Wastewater Management


Each property has its own septic tank which breaks down wastes and allows effluent water to discharge out of the other end of the tank into a network of pipes and pumps for disposal into the CWMS lagoons.

It is common practice now for Councils throughout the State to provide a service where individual septic tanks are desludged on a regular, compulsory basis.  It is a condition of Council’s licence from the Environment Protection Agency running the Scheme that we implement a program to have the accumulated sludge and solids removed from septic tanks within the township of Robe once every 4 years so that they can work effectively.

Council has engaged Envirogen Industrial Services (Aust) Pty Ltd to undertake the CWMS Desludging Program.

For further infomation and Ratepayers responsibilities please click on the link below.
CWMS Desludging Contract- Information Sheet

The map below of Robe is divided into 4 Sectors and details which year the Desludging will take place in that Sector.

Sector 2- 2021                                                                 

Sector 3 - 2018

Sector 4 - 2019

Sector 1 - 2020

Customer Charter - Sewerage Services 

Hardship Policy for Residential Customers for Minor and Intermediate Water Retailers

CWMS Customer Enquiry, Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process

Water Price Monitoring Report 2014-2015 Template