To determine how rates are calculated, to gain an understanding on how they are then distributed within the community, what rebates are available and what charges and levies are applied by Council then this section of the website will provide you with these answers. 

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Payment of Rates

Due Dates

The Council has resolved that the payment of all rates will be in four equal or approximately equal instalments due on:-
1st -      2nd September 2019
2nd -      2nd December 2019
3rd -      2nd March 2020
4th -      1st June 2020

Payment Options

BPAY - This payment is via Internet or phone banking

BPAY View - View and pay this bill using internet banking - for more information please Click here

MasterCard or Visa - for credit card payments Phone: 0887682003

By Mail - District Council of Robe, PO Box 1 Robe  SA  5276

In Person - Council Office, 3 Royal Circus, Robe  SA  5276, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Payment Arrangment

Council understands that ratepayers from time to time have difficulty meeting the payment dates, and we are more than willing to enter into an arrangement where you can pay your rates weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Please feel free to contact our Rates Officer if you wish to discuss your payment plan.  Click here to find the Payment arrangment form that needs to be completed.

Fines on Rates

Rates will be overdue if they have not been paid by the “last day for payment” date shown on the front of this notice. After this date, additional charges will apply:-

  • a fine of 2% of the amount due will be added immediately and
  • at the end  of each  month thereafter, interest  (at the rate prescribed in the Local Government Act 1999) will be added on any balance (including interest) not then paid.



Rate Concessions/Rebates

State Government Concessions

From 1 July 2015, the State Government elected to replace the concession on Council rates with the ‘cost of living payment’ provided directly to those entitled.

This payment may be used for any purpose, including offsetting Council rates. To check eligibility contact the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Concessions Hotline 1800 307 758 or at www.sa.gov.au/


Persons experiencing hardship may seek assistance from Council, contact the Rates Officer for a confidential discussion.

Council Rebates

Certain persons/and or organisations may be eligible for a rebate, eg community groups, health and education organisations etc.

Postponement of rates – Seniors

Ratepayers who hold a State seniors card are able to apply to Council to postpone payment of the prescribed proportion of rates on their principal place of residence. Postponed rates remain as a charge on the land and are not required to be repaid until the property is sold or disposed of.

Levies & Service Charges

The rate revenue will be calculated on the basis of a single general rate in the dollar across all sections of the council area.

When considering the nature of a general rate, Council believes this is the fairest method of achieving an equitable distribution of the rate burden across the community.

Minimum Rate

Council considers it appropriate that ratepayers in respect of all rateable land make a contribution to the cost of administering Council’s activities and that ratepayers in respect of all rateable land make a contribution to the cost of creating and maintaining the physical infrastructure that supports that land and the basic services provided to all ratepayers.

The minimum rate is levied against the whole of an Allotment.  Only one minimum rate is levied against two or more pieces of adjoining land (whether separated by a road or not) if they are owned by the same ratepayer and occupied by the same occupier.  This is described as contiguous land and only one minimum rate is payable by the ratepayer. Also If properties are subject to a Single Farm Enterprise, only one NRM Levy is payable to one Enterprise.

The minimum rate in 2019/20 is $695.00

Community Waste Water Service Charges

Council provides a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) to all land within the township of Robe.  These service charges go towards maintaining the system and the 4 yearly desludging of your tank.

All Council CWMS schemes in South Australia have the same basic design, and in order for the schemes to be financially self sufficient on a long term basis, Councils need to model charges - to those to whom the schemes are provided or made available - on charges used by SA Water for its schemes.

A differential in the annual service charges of 25% between occupied and vacant land to which the CWMS is provided or made available will be maintained to reflect the difference between infrastructure establishment and effluent disposal costs for occupied and vacant land.

  • $529.00 - Occupied CED charge - is for all residential properties where it is connected to a property
  • $426.00 - Unoccipied CED Charge is for all vacant land where the service runs past the property but not connected.

Further to this, these charges are in accordance with the Code for Establishing and Applying Property Units as a Factor for the Imposition of Annual Service Charges for Community Wastewater Management Systems as permitted by Section 155 of the Local Government Act 1999 and Regulation 9A of the Local Government (General) Regulations 1999.

Waste Management Fees

For the purpose of meeting the costs associated with the collection and disposal of domestic garbage and recycling, the waste management fee will be;

Residents in Robe -  $318.00
Residents in Boatswain Point  - $171.00

Natural Resource Management Levy

Council is required to collect a regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Levy in respect of all rateable land in Council’s area on behalf of the South East NRM Board.  Council is operating as a revenue collector for the Board in this regard. Council does not retain this revenue nor determine how the revenue is spent.

All enquiries or concerns about the NRM Levy should be directed to the South East NRM Board on 08 8735 1177 or www.senrm.sa.gov.au

NRM Levy amounts are based on land use purposes and the indicative levy rates from the SENRM will be as follows;

  • Residential, Vacant & Other  -  $76.95
  • Commercial  -  $115.45
  • Industrial  -  $184.00
  • Primary Production  -  $340.00


Valuation Objections

You may object to the valuation referred to in the notice in writing served personally or by post on the Valuer-General within 60 days after service of the first such notice.

But Please note

  • If you have previously received a notice or notices under the Local Government Act 1999 referring to the valuation and informing you of a 60-day objection period, the objection period is 60 days after service of the first such notice;
  • You may not object to the valuation if the Valuer-General has already considered an objection by you to that valuation.

A written objection of the valuation must set out the full and detailed grounds for objection. Objections can also be submitted via anonline form at http://www.sa.gov.au/landservices and enter “Objecting to a Valuation” in the search field. Differential Rates (and or charges) imposed by rates (and or charges) are still due and payable by the due date even if an objection has been lodged.

Objections are to be forwarded to:

State Valuation Office
GPO Box 1354, Adelaide 5001
101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide 5000
Phone:     1300 653 345
Email:      LSGObjections@sa.gov.au
Fax:         08 8226 142



Objection to Land Use

The NRM levy is differentiated according to land use.  Should you have any reason to believe that the Land Use Category applied is incorrect, you may lodge a written objection, using the form below, with Council outlining the grounds upon which you objection is based.  Objections must be submitted to Council within 60 days of receiveing this notice.  The Council may extend the 60 day objection period where it can be shown there is reasonable cause to do so by a person entitled to make an objection to a valuation.

Land Use Objection Form

Single Farm Enterprise

  • Are you a farmer?
  • Do you have 2 or more pieces of rateable land in the District Council of Robe that are not adjoining?
  • Are these pieces of land all used as farm land?
  • Are these pieces of land owned or occupied by the same person/s?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above questions, you may be eligible to apply to have your farm classified as a ‘Single Farm Enterprise’. This means that the rateable assessments that make up this single farm enterprise will only attract one fixed charge, ie Natural Resource Management Levy.

Single Farm Enterprise Definition - Sec 152 (5)(b) Local Government Act 1999

A reference to a single farm enterprise is a reference to two or more pieces of rateable land –
(i)                   Which

  1. Are farm land; and
  2. Are farmed as a single enterprise; and
  3. Are occupied by the same person or persons,

Whether or not the pieces of land are contiguous; or
(ii)                 Which

  1. As to all the pieces except one, are farm land farmed as a single enterprise occupied by the same person or persons; and
  2. As to one piece contiguous with at least one of the other pieces, is the principal place of residence of that person or on of those persons.

What is Farm Land?
The term “farm land’ is defined in section 4 (1) of the Local Government Act to mean;
‘Land used wholly or mainly for the business of primary production’

If you believe you meet the criteria for consideration as a Single Farm Enterprise, please complete the attached application form,and forward it to: 
email:  council@robe.sa.gov.au                  post :      District Council of Robe, PO Box 1, Robe  SA  5276

Single Farming Enterprise Application Form