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Food Premises & Food Safety

Food Safety involves the administration of the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2002 and the Food Safety Standards (FSANZ Food Standards Code Chapter 3). The District Council of Robe promotes good food safety practices, to prevent food poisoning. Raising awareness about safe food handling practices is important for both the food industry and general community.
Council has a statutory role to ensure the sale of safe food within the District. Council's Environmental Health Officers are therefore involved in the following activities:

  • Receiving and processing food business notifications
  • Follow up of consumer complaints regarding poor food handling, contamination etc
  • Follow up of confirmed food poisoning
  • Providing advice regarding the fit-out of new food premises or upgrades of existing businesses
  • provide general food safety advice to residents, businesses and community and charity organisations

Pursuant to Section 6 of the Food Act 2001 a food business means a business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on a one only occasion.


Food Act Notification

Under the Food Act, 2001 all food businesses must notify Council of their business and contact details. A proprietor must notify Council within 14 days if there is a change in the name or address of a food business. if starting or operating a new business, the proprietor must not trade unless he/she has notified Council. Failure to notify Council can result in large penalties.

Food Business Notification Form

Home Based Food Business Application Form 


Food Poisoning

If you suspect you have food poisoning, visit your doctor. A doctor can take samples for laboratory analysis to see whether your symptoms are food related. If a sample comes back positive for a notifiable disease, the doctor should notify the Department of Health, who may require your food history to help find the cause of the illness. Council's Environmental Health officer can investigate food poisoning and food related complaints including foreign matter found in food, unclean premises, poor personal hygiene and poor food handling practices.


Information Sheets

Food Poisoning Information - Salmonella

Food Poisoning Information - Staphylococcus

Home Based Food Business Information Sheet



Please find below some sites that may be helpful

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